>The B.M. Fever


Right. I’m going to assume that everyone reading this is from SL and is aware of the big match, cycle parade, trucking and all the rest of it which go hand in hand with the big match.
I’m also going to assume that even if you are woefully ignorant (Gasp. Oh, the horror of it!), you’ve read this, so that you’ve at least got a hazy idea as to what I’m talking about.

Now after all that assuming, I will go ahead with my post.

My first experience of trucking was when I was a little mite with cropped hair in Grade 4. I honestly thought that we were all going to be kidnapped by these ‘big aiyas’ and tossed my lunch box in the air and ran screaming as though my life depended on it. 11 years on however, I am wiser than that.

Big match time is when a horde of energetic boys put on their gladdest rags, dig out the hair dye they hid from their mum, pull out last years flags and jump into girls schools around Colombo. (And of late, international schools as well. I mean I knew a few Thomians were gay but… ) 🙂

It is the time when girls in their early teens discover their hormones. (Life will never be the same again)

And when the ‘experienced’ seniors remain composed and nonchalant as the guy’s storm their classes, make wisecrack remarks, chat up the teacher and beg for water.

It is one of those rare occasions when the masters who are shut up in their classrooms get a chance to display their.. err.. prowess and manliness. So they hitch up their trousers and roll up their sleeves and attempt to drive the mass of testosterone-charged boys away.

It also a chance for the guys to demonstrate their competency in dodging batons, their propensity to scale walls and to run their asses off when the cops come.

And no.. I know what you’re thinking. Contrary to general opinion, the girls do not sit on the edge of their chairs excitedly awaiting the arrival of the mob of boys. Their over-zealous eagerness is extremely over rated.

A recent trend, which seems to have cropped up, is to jump into international schools. The teachers there, never having witnessed anything like this below were extremely alarmed at first. A friend at CIS told me that the football coach, who recently came from England, under the impression that the school was under attack of some sorts, had pinned down and attempted to squeeze the life out of an unsuspecting Royalist.

The trucking’s been remarkably low-key this year. From the masses of guys who swarm the school, it has gradually decreased to a slow of trickle of scraggly boys with too loose pants who run at the sight of an umbrella brandishing (female mind you) teacher. (Hah. Cowards.)

And so the big match fever has come and gone. But the fact of the matter remains that its not as good as it used to be. Not just the trucking, but everything else as well. The feel is just not there.

The pavilion is and always will be packed with overdressed, underfed giggly girls and beer soaked guys (and a few girls). You will bump into a too drunk old codger who will try and make a pass at you.

But somehow its not the same as it used to be.

Like a wise man once said ‘Apoi.. dan nam gathiyak ney’.
I think that pretty much sums it all up.

Ps- As, you’ve probably guessed this post has been in draft mode for quite some time. Oh well.. Better late than never.

Pps – Thank you for the previous comments. I’m sorry I haven’t replied to them. Been disturbingly busy. Was going to do them tonight but I’m dropping off in front of the computer. I promise I will.. soon.


10 thoughts on “>The B.M. Fever

  1. >Nope it sure aint how it used to be. Back when I was still at school a whole “official” parade was organised and planned and conducted with enough celebration to rival the Kandy Perahera, while the unofficial paraders broke off the main event and went ahead towards institutions housing the fairer sex with what was the primary objective of the exercise. 🙂 Now of course its nowhere near a proper BM Fever. Rumour has it that new school officials were trying to pull the plug on the parade all along anyway + the security situ and regulations means there’s no “official” parade which means the unofficial ones wont be going off properly either. You have to realise all of this is a coordinated effort which takes great strategic planning :)Considering the state of things, I’d say it’ll be some time before the “fever” gets back its glory, which brings tears to the eyes of those of us with fond memories.:'(

  2. >Firstly.. thanks for link.Secondly.. the guys who jump into intl. schools are looking for the girls. atleast I can vouch for the royalists. i don’t approve of it totally, but things change. Thirdly.. it indeed sad to see traditions are dying.. in a couple of years ppl would ask what the hell is “trucking”?.. wonder what they’ll come up with as an alternative..Lastly.. for the love of god.. will someone tell me why these boys like to show off there boxers? did I miss a trick growing up? or do girls now a days like to see the boxers, and butt cracks?

  3. >Hehe… But, You wouldn’t have seen any of the fellows from our school. The new dictatorial rector has warned us of the extremely dire consequences of even being seen near a truck on that day! And there are people to see…Also, Thomians are gay. Josephians FTW!

  4. >Met a girl of about 14 or 15 from CIS last Wednesday and I overheard a discussion with a friend. She had been thrilled when the boys broke into the school. She seemed to think (although I’m not sure of this) that even the school mistresses were over the top.

  5. >Dili – they were going to can the match at first citing security reasons at first actually. And I’m yet to see a cycle parade! Maybe next year though…. I agree.. It’s gonna be quite some time before the spirit and the feeling comes back..I like the way you refer to girl’s schools as ‘institutions housing the fairer sex’ 🙂 Lol..Chaarmax – No probs…Hmm… maybe maybe… I still think it’s rather pointless to jump into intl schools though. And seeing a butt crack is such a huge turnoff. Urgh. You’d think they’d be able to afford a belt for gods’ sake. Flashing your boxers is just as bad.. Definitely not the best way to go picking up girls.. Jerry – You’re from St. Josephs? And your names Jeremy, I take it? You sound eerily familiar. I have the weirdest feeling I know you. :)Jack Point – Lol.. Yeah, from what I heard the teachers had worked up themselves to a frenzy as well.. But since it’s a mixed school you’d think the girls would have been a little less excited don’t you? (Ignore me. I’m a bit anti-CIS despite the fact that one of my best friends go there.)

  6. >"It is the time when girls in their early teens discover their hormones. (Life will never be the same again)"Heehee.I only recently heard about the whole trucking thing from Dili. Oh, the stuff I have missed.

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