There was pandemonium in the house a few months back. All because my dad walked into his bedroom and found 3 kittens snoozing blissfully on his bed.Big deal’ I can almost hear you say. ‘My pet rat/cat/dog/cow sleeps on my bed everyday’
True enough. But the problem is we don’t have any cats in our house.

I don’t know how these three calmly walked into our house, went up the stairs and waltzed into my parent’s bedroom without anyone noticing… But they did.

Anyway, I didn’t have the heart to chase ‘em out, so I brought them down and gave them to eat and deposited them in the garden. Unfortunately, they didn’t leave. Months on, it looks like they have no intention to either.
My love for animals is one of my weakest points. For the longest time (till about I was 10 I think) my secret ambition was to work in a zoo. One loving look from a dog, and I am as malleable as my mother’s roti dough. There just is something about the way a cat gently places its paw on your hand or the way a dog has implicit, blind faith in its owner isn’t it?

They’ve grown in leaps and bounds from this,

a little furry thing big enough to sit on my hand to this.

This guy is a serial heart breaker.
He has a roving eye and penchant for young women. He’s the only one who puts up with the cuddling and being passed on from one hand to another. Methinks he actually enjoys it. A friend who dropped in last week was quite alarmed at first when he bounded onto her lap and then proceeded to fall asleep on her chest. But like every other susceptible female who enters my house, she succumbed to his kitten-ly charm and wanted to take him home.
“Don’t wake me.. I’m working’
This one has a fetish for feet.
Big feet, small feet, smelly feet, old feet – she loves ‘em all. You can almost see her little cat mind work when someone walks in: ‘Aha.. feet! Gotta have ‘em’. She hurls herself at people’s feet and starts playing with them in the most bizarre manner possible.

This is the third one. She’s the calm sedate one. Hates getting wet. Meows only when meowed at. Yowls only when hungry and always obliges me with pictures.



My family’s got accustomed to them. Yesterday I walked in on my mum talking to them in the kitchen, narrating a recipe. “Then you add the chillie powder… and just a pinch of pepper. Not too much ok? We already added a lot to the sauce.”
The mama cat also walks in occasionally for a quick catnap whenever she feels like it.
So it’s basically a bed and breakfast cat-hotel of sorts now. She also brings various amorous cat lovers who serenade her from the ‘biling’ tree. Not so cool.
It’s evident they’re here to stay. It’s been more than a year since I’ve taken on any animals after my cat died. I’ve decided not to get attached though and it hurts less that way in case something happens.
It’s kinda nice though having a pet again. Even as I type there’s one sleeping on my lap. (Correct. It’s the male one.) He’s curled up in his adorably weird way, all warm and comfy and is purring like a lean, mean purring machine.
Looks like I’ll be here for some time until he decides to get up.

Ps – Yes. I’m fully aware that I have just done a post entirely on cats. Perhaps quilting patterns tomorrow maybe?

17 thoughts on “Adopted

  1. >Crazy cat lady…. :DNice kitties!Four kittens walked into our house about three years ago. They were fun, but now they’re well… Playing with the great heavenly ball of yarn. 🙂


  2. >Those things are dangerous maan. Before you know it you’ll happily be eating out of their paws and carrying them around in chariots like in Egyptian days Oh sorry, its already happened to you …:)


  3. >Chaarmax – Hell yeah. Tell me about it. Sigh.Jerry – Heh. Being a crazy cat lady is one of my options actually if I fail my exams.. 🙂 Dili – Lol. Weeell, I’m not that far gone! I’m not driving them around in chariots or anything. Just carrying them around in baskets. 😀 Darwin – Thanks! Haha… the not-getting-attached plan is actually quite outdated now. 🙂 Its a bit hard when they’re curled up, purring on your lap. :)Angel – Thanks! They ARE quite cute aren’t they? K FLYER – OMG. 14 cats??? That’s quite a lot! I’d loved to have seen it though! It’s hard enough managing four. How did she manage all of them?LD – Thaaanks! 🙂


  4. >@GutterFlower- How did she manage – All the 14 always walked following her, just behind her, like a march. Not that hard! 😉 Well, my mom didn’t like much. Aha! Four cats – no big deal!


  5. >let me remind you ‘once again’ that you have actually done an entire post on cats : ) oooohhh the ‘poser’!! simply irresistible! looks just like the one im forced to share with ‘that’ sibling of mine.


  6. >K flyer – Haha. I would have loved to have seen that! incognito – Really? Maybe they’re related. :p Like I said, I’ll be doing quilting patterns next.stfallen – Gladly. They’re driving my dad crazy. The first ones absolutely adorable, very huggable. Not many guys I know like cats. Crazy cat man… 🙂


  7. >Awww… they are soooooooo cute…But bad timing for me… I just got the msg from SL that my dearest cat died today… she was like 18 and the heart and soul of our family…I painfully remember the wonderful moments where she used to sleep on my arms…


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