When We Were Young

Do you remember…

How we used to play hide and seek in your grandmother’s living room? When she called us, we would pretend we didn’t hear and escape upstairs.

The way we used to ‘cook’ sand and leaves in coconut shell pots. At least I cooked; you would sit afar and tease me

When we sat under the maara tree and ate achcharu. You know the kind. Ambarella, with lots of chilli and pepper and just a hint of salt.

How I laughed at your Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle bed sheet, and then went home and begged my mum for one of my own.

Our swimming lessons. When uncle Daya asked you to push me into the deep end because I refused to jump in. And you, with an apologetic look at me, did so. I haven’t been able to swim since, let alone go into the deep end.

How the simplest wounds were cured with the milk from the frangipani trees. ‘Tear the leaf like that, rub the juice onto the wound and keep it for 5 minutes’, that’s what you said.

The Christmas party we went to. We all went gleefully on the merry-go-round except for you, because you thought it ‘babyish’.

Eating candyfloss, sticky-fingered and bright-eyed. And once ours was finished, swiftly eating your brother’s one as well.

How you licked the icing off my birthday cake. I refused to talk to you throughout the entire party.

That you were the first to see my new roller skates. And the first to see me fall with them.

How I punched you because you cheated at snake and ladders. And you went crying to your mum.

Running along the beach. I, screaming when the frothy waves lapped at my toes. You, already up to your waist in the water.

Do you remember? I don’t suppose you do.

Because you’re all grown up now.
And I –
I’m still young.

18 thoughts on “When We Were Young

  1. >hmmm…This post made me think of a poemhttp://subclaavian.blogspot.com/2008/03/snakes-ladders.htmloh and off topicI have officially written something “HAPPY” on my blog :Ddon’t say the tag doesn’t count -_-


  2. >Wow… took me right back to my child-hood. I doubt I’m the one your talking abt, but its amazing the things we have in common. Atleast all SL kids growing up in that era. (Yes I’m from the same era too).Used to run upstairs so my achchi couldn’t come after me. Cooking sand aka “Kom Pittu”. I had a TMNT Pillow case. Sigh. I still like to think of my self as NOT grown up though. Thats why I’m seen wearing a “Scooby Doo” T-shirt.Sorry for the rant. This post just touched me soo much. Thanks!


  3. >Not too related to the post, but now I have “When you were young” by the killers looping in my mind.I made some juice thing by smashing up shoe flowers and mixing with water. Thankfully we didn’t try to drink it.Although I can’t say the same for our cat…


  4. >Indeed heart touching. You’ve chosen the words very carefully (I almost here you complaining that you just typed without minding words. Ok, say you are really intelligent.) Keep up the great writing style!


  5. >We all loved TMNT?? didn’t we?.. I can remember doing a TMNT play at Montessori, and I was damn proud of the whole thing…I think I still have the costume…minus the cardboard shell I guess..:Psweet post…well done gutterflower!


  6. >Have you asked this person if they do remember? Maybe they do, because most of us I think do try to hold onto the ‘good ‘ol days’ for as long as possible..Lovely post as always..- Moo


  7. >Stfallen -No, the tag doesn’t count. :pChaarmax- I’m really glad you liked it! I had a TMNT pillowcase as well. Never found the bed sheet. I don’t like to think of myself as being completely grown up as well. I still go around doing extremely childish stuff every now and then, and I want things to stay that way!Jerry – Owwww…Poor poor cat!Scrumpulicious – Yes, they do. :)RD – Your comment really made my day. Was feeling a bit down on that particular day and then when I checked my mail, I saw this on my phone. Thanks a lot, really appreciate the compliment.Dili – But why the sad smiley? My childhood memories are some of my happiest, ever.K flyer – I’m not too sure about the intelligent part, but thank you!Sachithvida – Yeah, we did! My roller skates were TMNT, and I was extremely taken up by it. 🙂 Thank you.Samanalee – Thanks! Yes they are. And I’m trying to… I’m trying! Sach – Thanks so much. I just wish my lit teacher would say the same thing.Moo – Thanks a lot. See, I don’t even know where he is! We drifted apart after I was 11 or so, and then he migrated to Thailand then Middle East and finally England. Inevitably, we lost touch. And well, I haven’t seen him since.


  8. >yes it does -_-I put up a new posta lyric…it’s not too darkI consider it relatively “lighter” than the othersbut that’s a matter of opinion it seems 😛


  9. >did you like the poem Snakes & Ladders?I'm pretty sure I've accomplished the happy post thingyhmphread the poem Swiss Cheese on my blogxP


  10. Islander, I can assure you that this is my own work. Sri Lanka being what it is, and the six degrees of separation and what not, I wouldn’t be surprised if maybe even I turned out to be your friend. Who knows. Till then, I would appreciate it if you would send me the link of whatever it is that your friend has posted – either as a comment or to my email address, whichever you prefer. Tried googling portions of the post, but it didn’t yield anything.Thanks.


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