>Relax. Take it Easy.

>Dear Gutterflower,

It’s certainly not the way you planned it out to be. But then again, when have things ever gone according to the big plan? The anguish over a painful loss witnessed recently has been a sobering shake up. The aftermath of the exam, tinged with regret. Regret over what could’ve, should’ve and would’ve been. That niggling sense of incompleteness and uncertainty still prevails.

But for now- just for now- relax. There’ll be trips to plan, higher studies to worry about, weight to lose and the rat race to join. Lets keep all that for later, shall we?

So, breathe. Take in the colours of the sunset. Grimace at the heady, too sweet effect of your drink and lean back. Its breathtakingly beautiful out here and already all your worries have melted into the blue-gold sunset.

All right, not all. Most of them.

The squirrel you befriended is gently nudging you with its tiny paws, asking for more bread rolls and watermelon.

Pearl jams playing softly in the background. A paperback, half open on your lap. Go on. Drink up.

On second thoughts, take your time.

We can wait.

– Laid Back Inc.

14 thoughts on “>Relax. Take it Easy.

  1. >Anee.. That little one (squirrel) is soo cuutte ! Glad to see you back. I’m the next one suffering from things similar to you. Worries of term test results ! ! ! That’s the most horrible thing in my life. Yes, I told it.

  2. >ah YOU!!! how how? welcome back to the blogosphere!!! Yes…chill, relax, theres much more to life than exams (tries to convince himself as well) And as for squirrels…mes doesnt like them!!! Once had a pet, who bite me and peed on me and then left me for another man-thing!!! *sigh* I miss my squirrel!!! 😦 post more post more!!!! See ya round! takecare! K.

  3. >ahh the joys of post-exam bliss… make the most of it while you can GF. 🙂 & sympathies on the 'loss'. Love your new friend btw. We have 2 squirrel families living inside the house in a little nook of the ceiling. The mom comes out at 7 am sharp and goes out the open window, comes back @ 5pm sharp. 12 noon whole family comes to the kitchen window for lunch. Very punctual. Quite unlike me. Should post pics myself sometime.Oh and welcome back 🙂

  4. >K Flyer: as an old and wise post AL student my advice is not to leave things for the last minute. Good luck!St fallen: lol. Yeah, I’m ‘black’, ‘alive’ and a ‘better man’. (pearl jam :p)Riddler: thanks! I’m pleasantly surprised actually!N: well, why not? You should actually. Take the time off and MAKE it happen.LD: going by your last few posts, you should too. When the stress piles up, you just need to take a step back and take a break.Scrump: aww.. thanks!Kaiser: same goes to you as well! You post one. Disappear. And then resurface again! Lol. Poor squirrel! :pKalusudda: hey, its good to see you again!Dili: I take it that you’re done with exams as well? And yeah, you should put up pictures!

  5. >Alright. Better (wo)man then. :DThanks. I like it too!I’m going to go through all the posts I’ve missed on your blog, tonight. From what I’ve seen so far, you’ve really improved.Yes, exams are over. But I seem to have to have hit a blank wall now.I take it net nanny hasn’t blocked my blog. 🙂

  6. >I would’ve personally had net nanny killed if it even DARED to :Phehehehmm at least you sat for your examsI was absent for ALL of my A level exams save for one…hehe that’s one way to flush nearly a lakh down the drain (:it helped thoughin a strange way, VERY cathartic.

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