Pets and Pooches

Went pyjama shopping a few weeks ago and when I went to the cashier to pay for my beautiful plaid pyjamas (I’ve been looking for plaid pyjamas everywhere), when I see this guy solemnly sitting in the cashier’s chair.



I move on to the next payment counter and then I see this fellow, looking as though all the troubles in the world have landed on his furry shoulders.



He looks at me.

And I promptly fall in love.


While, we’re on the subject of love, let me introduce you to the latest man in my life. He moved in next door a few months ago and is an absolute charmer.






He’s grown from a little furry ball to the most precociously cute rabbit you ever saw. He couldn’t eat carrots at first because he didn’t have any teeth. How cute is that?







Last picture – Look what I found in my art-basket the other day.




Isn’t that absolutely adorable? Obviously, I’d choose cats over rabbits any day. Rabbits can’t purr, you see.

19 thoughts on “Pets and Pooches

  1. >Aw.. x3! I was a bit reluctant to say out the location of the chappies, since it might give out your favourite pyjama place. But looks like T has let the ‘cat’ out of the bag. 🙂 But I think it’s a well known secret. The pyjama’s I mean. Cindy drags me each time she needs a Nighty, and ends up buying a whole load of other things while at it.I just play with the Doggies till then. 🙂


  2. >awww the doggies at thiangra. the cocker spaniel is a bit feisty and likes to scare customers from time to time. so one time the man at the cashier (the owner i think who is almost obese) sat on the chair in front of the dog and barricaded him. it was so funny to see the dog crushed to the back of the chair with the same pensive look on his face lol.


  3. >oooooohh !!!! yes, I saw those too doggies too 🙂 😀 Wish I’d taken a photo 😦 But they both were in the land of nod when I saw them… The brown one woke up and looked around, strreeetttccched and then just got back sleeping {:D They were Daaarrrliiing !! 🙂 And I’ve got six of those white long ear guys at home :):)


  4. >BTW, I love Rabbits more than cats….and let me tell you, they are the most loyal pets.. we have one who follows us all around the house. He was hand-fed when he was little (just a teeeny weeeny dot!) coz his mom died…..


  5. >omg!i could almost picture you going crazy over the dog on the cashiers chair!he he..and i dont even wanna get started about you taking pics!you’re bad enough with humans itself:)im excited for tommorow!!get ready with the camera:)


  6. >Aney ! I want a rabbit like thatttt ! And that dog too ! Though he looks a bit proud and doesn’t look friendly enough like a German Shepherd.Regarding my subject, I don’t think you don’t carry a camera wherever you go. So definitely you’re having a Sony Ericsson phone, right ? And that can’t be better than 2MP. Am I wrong ?And, hey gutter, though personally I believe cats are way dishonest, how dare you put cats to the second place ?Ain’t this one cute ?Sorry that it’s just a screenshot, couldn’t upload the full image from my phone since it was too big.


  7. >T , well, evidently they’re well known to everyone but me! Azrael, thanks. :)Sachintha, I know. Isn’t he?Chaarmax, this is the first time I’ve been to the place! Why am I the last to know all these things?!Jerry, :DSach, hahaha. Poor doggy!The single couple, whoa 6 rabbits? Too cool! Used to have 3 earlier when I was smaller, but can’t remember too much of them. This ones such a snob though. My cats are far more affectionate. :)changeiseverywhere, miaow.F, :)Disease, thanks, but no thanks! I like birds but I’m not too big on ’em.Jerry, you suck!K flyer, yup. Sony Ericson it is. Its mostly on VGA mode though. Awww. The cats cute! And no, cats definitely come first for me.Delilah, yup it was. 🙂


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