Reading a poetry play which.. err..as the name suggests, is a play in a sequence of poems. All poems are in a series of monologues, recited by a woman in a moving train. This is one of my favourites in the book.


Imagine a cut,

straight and clear,

like two panes of glass nestled together,


Each with its longings and allegiances.

Now imagine a heart, split,

not broken.

A jagged cut runs through the core.

No steady heart could join it.

Never again whole.

‘Dreams of May’

Sue Guiney

7 thoughts on “>Excerpt

  1. >Sue, wow. Thanks for stopping by. Really enjoyed the book. The pleasure was all mine. 🙂 Looking forward to more.Jerry, your guess is as good as mine!Deecee, it wasn’t mine men. Sorryyyy. The whackster, I know. Isn’t it?Michelle, again.. It was my pleasure. 🙂

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