Lunch Room


‘Machan, the sooner this ends, the better’
Digs teeth
‘Personally, I think it’ll last only a few more months’
Purses lips
‘They wont go down passively though’
Nods impressively
‘After so many years? Of course not’
Shifts bottom

A soldier rubs the sores on his shoulder
And trudges on
That his fate is being decided
By armchair revolutionaries
In white collar shirts
Over rice and curry

10 thoughts on “Lunch Room

  1. >Actually, it’s a political trick.. And they are benefited from one of the biggest faults of Sri Lankans – short term memory.. Ask a soldier about ‘the fridge thing’ .


  2. >Nice post flower. It makes me think of how helplessly a soldier has to trek the road which so very possibly holds a mine to blast his limb or life. and yet he must trek. Did you see the clip of the Air Force attack on the LTTE heavy guns. Couldn’t help feeling what they must have been thinking, running helter skelter, trying to protect their weapon, seeing the plain above watching them from a distance… knowing every moment that if the pilot presses the button it is the end of their existence… and of course he does.


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