To RD (repost)

Update – Reposting this because I heard that it wasn’t appearing on most browsers. Hope it works now.

Dear RD,

You probably don’t know this, but your blog was one of the first I stumbled upon on the Sri Lankan Blogosphere. I remember reading my first LLD post somewhere in 2007 and thinking, ‘damn he sounds kinda cute’. It was a post – if I recollect right – about an i-pod you’d just bought. But then I started reading further and after perusing anecdotes about your marriage, your kids, your drums, your farts, man bags and Jennifer Aniston, I realized with mounting horror that you weren’t the 18 year old guy I first made you out to be.

After the bubble burst I refused to look at LLD for days.

But gradually even I was enticed out of my self-imposed exile as I started (admittedly, quite reluctantly. I wasn’t quite ready to forgive you for not being 18 just yet) reading bits and pieces of your life. I devoured post after post- grinning at A’s and K’s antics, pondering about your fascination with Ms. Spears and marveling at your tag-happy streak. Sandwiched in between here and there, were thought provoking posts about various experiences and posts about music which I found myself enjoying immensely.

Two years down the line, I have finally come to terms with your age, and I can honestly tell you that yours is one of the few blogs that have made me laugh out loud. You and only you can spin a post on seemingly mundane topics such as sarongs, tri-shaws, skinny jeans and moisturizer, throw in those mixed metaphors you specialize in and make people laugh.

Thank you for being a fabulous read. The Sri Lankan Blogosphere would be a dreary and less entertaining place without you. I even forgive your occasional post about poo.

Happy, happy, happy third blog-birthday. Here’s to many, many more.




2 thoughts on “To RD (repost)

  1. >Thanks so much GF, I am totally dumbfounded by your words and those of others. Please get in touch, I’m intrigued, fascinated and slightly worried about this might be related thing, but want to know more.You can get my email from that De Alwis bloke!


  2. >I usually think that I just don’t have the energy to be on the blogosphere. Reading any one of your posts seems to elevate the blogosphere and challenge my complacence. You really are something… I once hunted you down a bit.. and then gave up. Damn!


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