A distant rumble of thunder. Then a sudden burst of wind, whipping my hair out of its pony tail and rattling the sheets of the roof next door. The violent rustling of the leaves of the jak tree is like a restless choir awaiting the main act.
For a brief moment, I stand there – the pile of clothes in my arms forgotten, as the wind rages around me. I watch from my balcony as people on the road quicken their pace, a wary eye at the darkening sky, and as the lady next door scrambles out to salvage her now-empty clothes rack. The jambu tree two doors down is almost bent in two, straining against the force of the wind.
And then it starts to rain.
A throbbing headache and a fragmentary assignment are painful reminders of what I should be doing at the moment but keeping the clothes back inside, I am lured outside. I sit down on the floor of my balcony which shelters me from the rain but isn’t too sheltered to escape the erratic drops which fall on my body.
I sit there, legs curled up awkwardly, back against the wall watching fascinatedly as a burst of lightening splits the sky open. Usually repelled by lightning, today I am strangely attracted and keep my seat instead of bolting indoors. The rain is cathartic; smoothing the worry lines on my forehead and easing my burning head. And so I sit there, my t-shirt slightly damp, the droplets of rain stinging my face.
It stops as suddenly as it started until the only sounds are the rivulets of water trickling from the trees and the occasional squawk from a disgruntled bird.
I get up reluctantly. I’d forgotten how much I loved the rain.

9 thoughts on “Rain

  1. >I played the piano after ages today, just after the rain. Reminded me of how I used to play during thunderstorms. Had to wait till grandma finished yapping though, so by the time I got to the keys it was just a drizzle and added little ambiance to the music :(thank you for posting this (:and for the commentI shall rant soonhopefully


  2. >I love the feel of warm rain on my skin, the smell of it’s first drops on the earth, and the sight of it,falling from the heavens! loved this post!


  3. >Dinidu is gonna crucify me for this.. but I have to say I love you!!! hehe xDRain was great after the power went out… and with the breeze…heaven…I’m singing in the rain…


  4. >Funny how we’ve both written on the rain 🙂 But how not to, no? It’s like a huge presence. A giant, thumping around the city. Sometimes, there’s nothing for it but to just sit and observe the phenomenon.Really nice post.


  5. >k flyer, erm. no!Sigma Delta, well that constitutes a celebratory rain dance don’t you think?St fallen, please do. Really miss the old saint. :)Indyana and Dee, me too. Love, love it!Dili, tee hee. Rain lovers anonymous?Gypsy, its absolutely impossible not to! Love these sporadic showers. Was rooted for a good 15 minutes on the fifth floor of a building today watching the lightning! Thanks, and I loved your post. :)Spectral Centroid, I know. traffic in the rain is surprisingly bearable. And good music is definitely a welcome add on.


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