>Bits and Bobs..

…is a horrible title for a blog post. This is what happens when you procrastinate long enough and neglect your blog shamefully.


A bit unsure what to post about. You know those awkward silences which fall in mid-conversation. Well, this is one of those. Only, it’s happening between posts.
Feeling magnificently emo these days, but hearing of everything going on in the war front tends to make your problems pale and petty in comparison. Trying to focus on the bigger picture and help/donate in any way possible.
Deecee posted a link to this site which has information about all the organizations which are helping out. Sach posted a link to Surani’s blog, who has also put up more information about helping IDP’s. And Indi’s blogged about another organization, assisting with aid and supplies.
It’s definitely our turn to do our bit, please donate in whatever way possible. Every little bit helps.


I was looking for a particular poem and I found this by the same author instead. It’s beautiful, poignant and simple, and sums up everything I want to say. Only, far more evocatively than I ever could.

The Warzone in Sri Lanka


There is a place
of burning.

A land where the Vanni-sun flares,
licking shelled palm trees that dot the horizon, straggling into the sky
without a crown of leaves; headless, charred;
where the ground is covered in scrub, swathed in fine sienna dust,
and houses roofless, walls bullet-ridden, rice fields scorched by the sun, burnt by armies, stand voiceless, and
dogs three-legged, maimed by landmines,
wander around scratching shelled houses for food.

(Through this, a hobbled road;
with places to step-off on to,
meeting points, other pathways;
that no longer exists,

Now on this no-longer-road,
wind-propelled, the fire lifts, swooshing into the air;
kerosene slathered
burnt scrub wood, skeleton leaves, bone cinders, bigot sparks;
travelling in every direction,
to burn everywhere.

No longer one place

Ramya Chamalie Jirasinghe


9 thoughts on “>Bits and Bobs..

  1. >christ !!! do get a life. where are the poems about the poor people who are starving in Monaragala ?Where are the poems about the poor farmers who committ suicide because they cannot pay the loans ??words and more words spent on a the media blitz cause war is galmourous right now. Get a life !!!


  2. >Anna,First of all, yes there are plenty of poems written about poverty, suicide and farmers. And no the war isnt glamorous and i dont believe anyone suggested it was so.What was the need to compare one tragedy against another? Words are ‘spent’ on the war these days because it is currently relevant. It’s these words and the ‘media blitz’ as you prefer to call it that allows people to know what goes on and how they can help.Highlighting one cause doesnt necessarily negate another.


  3. >The reason I’ve blogged about the war is not because it is, as you say ‘galmourous’, but because it’s a very pressing problem right now. Like Delilah said, highlighting one cause doesn’t negate the other. Obviously there are other issues as well. But let’s take one step at a time shall we?


  4. >Switch on the TV and see how glamorous it is. This is no time to bicker about what needs more attention or not. Right now, hundred thousands of people are fleeing neck high across lagoons to get away, and some stuck in camps with inadequate basic needs. If one wants to post a poem which strikes close to their heart on what’s happening, then let them.


  5. >Anna – look at savevanni.blogspot.com There are many who ACT as well. But then again, words create awareness, which invariably create the action needed.


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