>‘Procrastination is an art.’



Enough already. Enough with the new methods of procrastinating.

We know that when deadlines start looming up, you frantically start looking for means of distraction. We remember the marbling paper incident last year and your mother is yet to recover from the tie and dye debacle the year before that. But, we have to say that your latest is..well.. rather uncharacteristic compared to your habitual tendencies.

You see, over the past years the only times you’ve voluntarily stepped into the kitchen were to raid the fridge, make a solitary salad and break the occasional plate or two. So you have to admit, we were rather taken aback to see you stir, shake, sauté, knead, mix and bake with a vigour and fervor which would’ve put Martha Stewart to shame. All that’s missing actually is the hair cut and the apron.

We’ve come to the conclusion that the research proposal you’ve been resolutely avoiding must be extraordinarily hard, for you to actually seek refuge in the kitchen.

The manner in which you apply yourself to every activity possible, except to what you’re supposed to do is laudable. We’re reluctantly impressed. Maybe, just maybe if you hadn’t played cricket with the boys, you wouldn’t have been too sleepy to examine the mesmeric aspects of the organizational carbon foot print yesterday. And a little less social activity perhaps? Just a suggestion.

What’s that you said dearie? Oh, you tried to work. Yes.. We saw how you bundled your books impressively, arm yourself with a flask of coffee, announce to the world at large that You Were Going to Study (Note the Caps.) and then promptly fall asleep, nose buried in your meticulously highlighted notes. That isn’t work darling, that’s inactivity.

We hate to nag dear, but enough is enough. We would greatly appreciate it if you would hitch your proverbial socks up and get back to work. Now.

Yours extremely pragmatically,

The Society of Prevention of Procrastination

Ps – And for gods’ sakes, stop staring lovingly at John Mayer’s twitter page. It’s getting a bit disturbing.

16 thoughts on “>‘Procrastination is an art.’

  1. >hahahahahaI love these posts :DI’m procrastinating right now, it’s becoming quite depressing actually, but meh… the SPP isn’t after me… so no worries 😛

  2. >Fallen,runnn.. No ones safe anymore!T, oi! The cookies were one of many culinary trips! The rest were devoured before documented. dili, um.. *hands over cookie virtually* sachintha, sympathies. Some coffee might do the trick. 🙂

  3. >i’ve recently become a kitchen-refugee too, though it’s cyclical and doesn’t peak for a while. the most recent result was chillie-chocolate (i’m going through a phase) brownie-cupcakes. they’re yum 🙂

  4. >LOL @ T, i was just gnna ask abt the saute bit as well.. 😀 and i guess we all have ways of procrastinating, tho the day i end up in the kitchen, u KNOW it must be something major 😀

  5. >Where in SL did u find Chocolate chips from?? My cookies and brownies have to make do with pieces of unceremoniously bashed up cooking chocolate :S Jerry – the Cookie monster wil be after ya after tht comment! 😛

  6. >Awww – I wish I had the time to procrastinate! But I must agree – I love these posts!You sum it up so well! If you keep this up Darwin will have some serious competition! 😉

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