Wrapped about 500 pieces of wedding cake this week and I don’t want to see wedding cake ever again. It’s a waste of time and effort and is ridiculously expensive to make.

My dad’s Sinhala is — to put it as diplomatically as possible — crap. I shudder to think of the blunders he makes in public when we’re not around to save him. On our way to dinner a few nights ago, we were stopped at a checkpoint. The army personnel on duty examined my dad’s ID and peered behind.
‘Who’s in the back seat sir?’ he asked.
‘My wife and my rabbits’ my dad proudly announces in Sinhala.
While window shopping with my sister, she looks at me and tells me that I’m far too hunched.
‘I know’, I reply.
‘Straighten up’ she says, rapping my back. ‘Your boobs must say hello to the world.’
I just stare at her.
The work on the art front is not going well. The sketches look stilted and the paintings are garish and pretentious. Any remnants of my style have changed drastically and I’m fervently hoping that I’ll pick up and maybe get better with a lot more practice.


I went and did something very stupid.

In an effort to revamp myself, I went and had my fringe relaxed/rebonded (I don’t know what exactly it is) only to end up with a sad, sorry-looking tuft of coconut husk thing on my head because the hairdresser left the lotion on for too long. I got my hair cut a few days ago from a different person and got a beautiful dressing down from her for, to use her exact words, damaging my ‘virgin hair.’


20 thoughts on “Residue

  1. >'Straighten up’ she says, rapping my back. ‘Your boobs must say hello to the world.’wow i've actually used that line on a girl… lol….! and ur sis is so right 😛


  2. >my boobs say hello to the world all the time. come, i'll show you how :)ur art style always tends to change after a hiatus i think. i used to only do scenery and when i started painting again last year all i could do were random abstracts that no one understood. then i stopped and started again and all i could do was weird palette knife shiz. i think you should keep experimenting. focus on the expression instead of trying to box it in as 'something'. ok, and the bit about ur father, i was totally raofl. (that would be rolling all over the floor laughing for the uninitiated)


  3. >A friend of mine once told me that his father addressed one of the monks in his school ( a teacher) as Baas Unnhe (he'd forgotten that the term of address should be Hamuduruwo)…


  4. >uurgh, i hate wedding cake with a passion. i once helped make, cut and wrap 600 pieces of it. that didn't help with my relationship with the stuff.kohenda kondey straighten(?) keruve? i did that once with the fringe and decided i cant be bothered because after it starts growing out, it looks worse than before the lotion-attack. le horror.


  5. >THIS post brightened by my day!! specially the rabbits and the boobs bit. seriously babes…height is awesome. straighten up and enjoy it 🙂


  6. >Gehan, lol, I hope for your sake that the line worked. :Psach, 🙂 Kids these days, I tell you.T, it’s weird getting used to though. My apples look like cows and my abstracts just look warped. I should probably just go with the flow like you said and just hope it’ll get better.JP, hahahaha. Yikes!Santhoshi, hehe. Yes, unwittingly. :)LD, trust me it sucks! I was in tears when I realized what had happened. Jerry, since when did you start commenting as Uncle Jerry? :PScrump, me too. I have a love/hate relationship with my hair. Resident Princess, I usually like wedding cake too. But my mum sometimes makes wedding cake, and after repeatedly helping to painstakingly make, wrap and box cake on more than one occasion I can’t look at a piece for a weeks without feeling slightly nauseous! PP, got it done from Deecee’s hair dresser. She cut my hair sometime back and it came out quite well, but the relaxing thing just went horribly wrong. Also, went to the sari place you recommended and got a really pretty sari from there. 🙂 They had some lovely stuff. The bridegroom ended up shopping for sari’s for his fiancé at the same place and I think we gave them enough dough to run a small third world country.Makuluwo, :DChaarmax, hahaha. Maybe an underwire might help? 😛 Dee, I’m trying,. I’m trying! But (literally) standing out of the crowd can be taxing sometimes. 🙂


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