Drama, drama

So X has had the hots for Y for quite some time now. He’s been on and off the fence about professing his lust, sorry, love for Y. The only thing that was stopping him was that Y was already in a relationship.

Therefore, in order to vent his lovelorn feelings, he would call The In-between Friend (TIF) and wax eloquent about all of Y’s qualities and confess his deepest longing for Y. X also, annoyingly, started to hint that TIF should subtly allude to his many virtues in her conversations with Y (marriage proposal style) thereby paving the way for him. TIF tried asking him to sod off in the nicest possible way, but unfortunately X proved to be thicker than most males.

And THEN Y breaks up with her boyfriend.

X is rallying his forces and about to pounce for the kill when (gasp) he finds that Y’s already in ANOTHER relationship with a different guy (the horror!).

X is distraught. Inconsolable. Devastated. But does he give up?


Being the ever fighting alpha male he is, he is determined to save Y from another broken relationship (although she doesn’t know it yet) and finally profess his undying lust love to her.

Which is all very well, but he is insisting that TIF also comes along to witness this glorious moment and jump in as back-up support for him. Now TIF values her weekends. She does not want to get in the middle of this epic love fest. She already has a prior engagement. With her bed.

While TIF has reluctantly played the part of the staid friend thus far, her nerves are fraying and this Bollywood movie like plot is starting to get a bit old now. All this drama back and forth is taking its toll. And frankly, she doesn’t really care anymore.

The epic love story stands at loose ends.

What will happen? Will X finally come clean with Y? What will Y’s response be? Or will X stay silent, watching from the sidelines? What does TIF do amidst all this turmoil?

Only time will tell.
Note 1: All the characters in the story are based on actual people. Any resemblance to anyone, living or dead is purely intentional. And all of these characters are grown adults. I kid you not.

Note 2: Moral of the story – High school never ends.

Note 3: Clearly TIF is the real victim here. Donations for TIF’s therapy eclairs will be gladly accepted. Cash only please.

17 thoughts on “Drama, drama

  1. >I really like the way you write. Is this TIF you ?Btw, to go a bit off-topic. I was really let down on blogging today. Some person had read all my blog's archives, searched everywhere and revealed my personal details at a Sri Lankan blog/forum today. Sri Lankans are still not morally or mentally fit to understand blogging and journalism. Really depressed.


  2. >TIF's patience will run dry and she'll eventually tell X to stick his whiny lust love drama where the sun don't shine. X will then mope around like a forlorn puppy and whimper to anyone within audible range that TIF is a reincarnation of Cruella de Vil, and she'll be ostracised by everyone…except Y, of course, who'll be oblivious to all this because she'll be busy with her happy relationship….Oh wait, was TIF not me? Ah.


  3. >haha TIF sounds vaguely familiar, especially in the line about valuing her weekends ;)seriously, i am always surprised at the drama that can be kicked up by grown adults…!


  4. >Okay seriously- i was expecting a major jinkijikka dance with the flying sarees & lustful looks right around the middle. :DMahhhhn, do tell when the result of this epic story comes out! 😀 I'm sadly quite curious as to all the happenings. Must be some little Sri Lankan trait..btw nicely narrated!


  5. >I got the whole series off a torrent. X kills Y's partner and Y runs away, to go into hiding with TIF. TIF and Y find they no longer like males and hence wander off into the jungle to find a life for themselves, where they are introduced to lesbianism by sentient trees.The series finale ends with X walking into a white building while in a straightjacket, then TIF and Y are shown, sheltered by bushes, as they close in and embrace, and just before their lips touch, it cuts to black and credits roll.


  6. >k flyer, i'm sorry to hear about that. thats not cool at all. :Sits things like this, i suppose, which make people wary about revealing personal details online.LS, i think its the world over actually! A day at the spa sounds brilliant. :)PR, egads. Been there done that, then? Sympathies. :|Gehan, I know, right?! Its those torid tuition class romances all over again, but with the facial hair. SWEC, ahaha. plenty of lustful looks, but no flying saris. YET. :PCadence, thanks. :)JP, you're referring me to a hindi movie?! I havent watched a hindi movie since…. um.. since.. ages. :)Jerry, ahahahah. ewww! Too much lesbianism in your version! i preferred the one where they all lived cynically ever after. 😛


  7. >TIF is clearly the victim in all this! How long did it take Y to find a new bf?! WTF?!Tell X he's better off without her if she's so damn fickle! And he should have got his ass into gear sooner!


  8. >ROTFL… This one was hilarious! Loved reading it. I know a similar X person, but fortunately, I'm not The-In between – Friend. I am the Friend, since fortunately for me, I don't know half the female population in Sri Lanka.


  9. >Hahaha – To this day, I really don't know if the Hindi movies are based on real life or real live is coming to be based on hindi movies.Most of these nuts simply watch too many B grade films or read too many Mills and Boons :PLots of luck being 'pig in the middle', teeheehee 🙂


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