What do you do..

…when you’re blue?

Just wondering, that’s all. People deal with the blues in different ways. And every now and then, everyone gets it.

My mum, for instance, puts up inspirational quotes, excerpts from poems or leaves little messages (usually along the lines of – “there’s chocolate cake in the pantry!”) on my sister’s whiteboard to cheer her up when she’s down.

Old fashioned salt and sand therapy always helps, but since that’s not possible all the time. I usually devour an alarming amount of food, go around hugging a bottle of nutella and listen to more music than usual. I was told that I have a set playlist which I continually play on loop unconsciously. If I’m out I go on sporadic shopping binges and end up buying inane stuff. Ex: hot pink handbags, feather earrings, orange ankle socks etc.

Also, the cat is excellent company when one is blue. Maybe it’s that sixth sense animals possess, but he clambers onto my lap and tries to purr the blues away. Only occasionally waking up to sleepily lay a reassuring paw on my hand or nudge my chin with his head. Or to feed him.

All these are defense mechanisms and they merely help to cope with the blues, not beat the blues. I don’t know if you can fully beat the blues — there are always going to be low days amidst the great, no? Nothing’s linear.

So, to reiterate – what do you do when you’re blue?


18 thoughts on “What do you do..

  1. >My mom doesn't care for me that way, I don't have a cat. So what do I do ? I am really very sad though. All my friends are angry with me. Noone loves me. 😦


  2. >I'm blue da ba di da ba daaa da daba di da ba daaa da ba di da ba daa!no, not reallyI don't exactly go "blue", I tend to skip straight into black :Pbut I guess the times when I tend to spend a lot of time lying in bed, half-asleep, or playing random chord progressions on the guitar, or just playing whatever's in my head on the piano… it's never anything creative though, it's cathartic, but not exactly productive. When I'm "black" though, that's when inspiration hits 😀


  3. >Beating the blues? I think exercise (Yeah, I know who I'm talking to!) helps. Even if's it's not a full blown run/work out, the solitude of just being by yourself and being energetic helps. Sometimes, you need to be blue to beat the blues. And Nutella and chocolate always always helps.(As well as receiving emails from bloggers halfway across the world! :))


  4. >I cry…a lot…noisily…like proper hysterical sobbing. It's actually quite cathartic :D. And I live alone so I can get away with it :DApart from that, I blog, eat chocolate, listen to some pirith, sleep, throw myself into work…the usual 🙂


  5. >I think different things work in diff instances. There is no one magical solution. Sometimes a proper nights sleep and waking up to a sunny day is enough. I'd also say exercise 😀 Friends! Laughing really hard. Just allowing yourself to hang out and have fun for a while. Doing something productive – i love my jobs so that helps. Driving to good music.


  6. >turn to one or all of my three therapists – music, movies or books. something in them always *speaks* to me in those bluesy moments. i get massively antisocial too. but the blues i think you've got to beat yourself, a mind over matter sort of thing. btw that's just the sweetest thing – what your mom does! 🙂


  7. >I read, and pretend it's not happening. Not recommended. :DOr.. I set a date/time when I will get over it, am a complete slob till then, totally immerse myself in misery, and when the time comes, tell myself that time's up and get it together somehow. Works for a while.


  8. >K flyer, while I’m not the person to be dispensing advice – Wallowing doesn’t help all the time. I hope things get better though.Sigma, lol. I really wish life’s many problems could be solved so simply. I really do.St fallen, I do a lot of that as well. True, its extremely cathartic. I have books worth of cringe worthy writing stashed in my room somewhere.LD, so thats where all those cravings come from? :PScrump, exercise??! Ok, thats one remedy i haven’t tried.tee hee.GG and LS, 🙂 i think musics pretty much high on the list over here.PR, I do that too on occasion. I don’t live alone, but I do have a balcony which is perfect to distance myself from everything else. :)PM, I know what you mean. I love the days when things are so great that the blues just banish themselves. N, ooh. Sunsets are always good. Also, a good, down pour with lightning and the works also goes down well. WEBM, its strangely relieving to find that I’m not the only who’s extremely anti social at these times. 🙂 Sue, aww. :)Hijinxd, ahaha. I’m notoriously head in the sand-ish too! And, no. Its not the best thing to do. :S You set deadlines for the blues? 😛 tee hee.Dee, my mum and I have our love-hate moments. :)Cadence, sounds like what I do most of the time. 🙂


  9. >1.sex 2.coffee3.large breakfast- complete works. [eggs,fried bread, mushrooms, bacon, mash, bangers]4. Walk 10 km.In that order and must be done at the onset. By the time I end the walk if I am not better will repeat from step 1 again. 2 cycles usually elate me. Four cycles have been known to be deadly.

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