>Kala Pola 2010



Bathroom art?

This one and its doppelganger  were absolute beauties. They were about 9 feet tall, and attracted quite a lot of attention.


To buy easel or not to buy easel – that, was the question.

The problem with Kala Pola, or for that matter any Art Fest is that with the abundance of art work, some paintings tend to pale in comparison. In isolation or in retrospect, you would probably find that they were actually very good, but lumped with the 9 foot canvases and neon purple nudes, they usually tend to get overlooked.

I really like this guy’s work. Maybe its the thrill of seeing tuk-tuk’s immortalized in acrylic, or maybe it’s because the colours in his abstracts are lovely – I dunno. There’s just something about his stuff. I stopped to talk to him a few weeks ago and he smilingly told me that he has an abstract hanging in the Hilton Lobby . If I’m not mistaken, I think a few of his city scenes are also on display at the Bamboo Art Gallery, at Odel, Alexandra Place.


This years Kala Pola gave birth to ‘Drive-thru Art’. I found it quite amusing that those who didn’t want to brave the heat, sat in their cars, pointed to whatever interested them and effortlessly exchanged cash for canvas with the artist, through the car window.
I really hope that this years fair was good for the artists. Some walked around with broad smiles on their faces and voids in their stalls (signs of a succesful day), while others sat slumped on the pavement, worn out and dejected, drooping in the heat.
Some of the stuff were slightly repetitive (the black swirl on the red/orange/yellow background was omnipresent in a lot of abstract work) but overall, (IMHO) there was a lot more interesting work compared to last years one.
If you did miss it, just take a walk along Green Path on Saturday or Sunday. Around 8 or so artists (usually students from the campus)  display their stuff there every week end. There won’t be as much on display as Kala Pola, but it’s definitely worth taking a look at some of their work.

8 thoughts on “>Kala Pola 2010

  1. >great pictures. i was there too! hoping to do a post with some of the ones i liked, a number of which you've posted as well. 🙂 even i LOVED the tuki pieces. they were funky and the kind of psychedelic colour scheme was very cool. oh and so did u buy the easel? 😀


  2. >Sue and GG, soon, hopefully. :)Vindi, thanks. 🙂 Maybe next year hopefully, then?WEBM, really? Aiyo, didn't see you. Nope, didn't buy the easel. 🙂 It was surprisingly cheaper than I expected but it didn't look very sturdy. Galicissa, honestly, I'm not a fan of the W-210. I was actually angling for a Canon, but I got landed with this because all the Canon compacts were out of stock. On the plus side it does have a 3" screen, decent macro and vibrant colours but the 12MP is slightly superfluous, because I shoot with low resolution and its horribly slow and (IMO) is really not worth the price. I'm sorry if I'm putting you off, I know a lot of people who love it and love the Smile Shutter and Scene Recognition and other features. But its lack of speed irks me sometimes. But then, maybe its just me nit picking 🙂


  3. >I'd be using it mainly for digiscoping – connecting to my telescope to take pictures of birds. The point and shoot that I use for this purpose now, Nikon Coolpix 5100p is not delivering desired results when it comes to recording colours vividly. In digiscoping, we'd normally shoot in macro mode (and no flash), and a good macro capability is good news. I have seen results of this camera used for the purpose mentioned above, and the results are very good. Thanks for the tips.


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