>Feelin’ hot, hot, hot.

>This heat. Is. Insane. It drains you both physically and mentally, leaving you feeling like this.

Or this.


Or even this.

Fiiiine. I’ll stop with the lolcat pics.

I spent most of my time in the hole-iest of PJ’s and coolest of cottons. We’ve devised ways to try and beat the heat. The rest of the family chug on thambili, and because I’m not too big on thambili, I walk around with a bottle of iced water attached to my hip. Yesterday was ice cream day (topped with cornflakes, Nuttino and bananas) and today we unearthed a box of flavoured teas and made iced tea. Tomorrow is watermelon day. So, you get the drift. (I honestly think that WEBM’s method is nothing short of pure genius. A bath tub in your backyard. How cool is that?)

The deceptively dark clouds yesterday only led to a depressing drizzle and I’m all for performing a rain dance at this point.

No, seriously.


I like birthdays – when it’s not my own. I love basking in the warmth of family and friends and the aura of luuuurve the birthday brings. But the constant attention the day heralds, brings out the supremely awkward side of me. Being in the spotlight results in spewing out random nonsense (most of which I regret saying approximately 1.2 seconds later), forgetting vital words in sentences and laughing like a loon. Do you feel slightly uncomfortable on your birthday? Or is it just me?


Sigh. It’s so hot.

11 thoughts on “>Feelin’ hot, hot, hot.

  1. >I swear to you, I know people who can mimic that EXACT look of that third kitty when mad. >___>Sigh. Twenty One. Ah, to be twenty one again. (Not much of a difference from a twenty three though 🙂

  2. >heheheh 😀 i LOVE that first lolcat pic. you don't like thambili? ur the second strange person i know who doesn't seem to like thambili. i don't get it! but whyyyy?! anyhoo awkward moments aside hope ur b'day was good. like Sabby said, 'ah to be 21 again…' but much much different from 26 though! :/

  3. >Sabby, haha. I'd like to see that!WEBM, it was. 🙂 Sue, young at heart, sue. You're young at heart!Sigma, thanks!Gehan, No. Just no! -___-Suri, I know, right? N, thank you, you old person you. :PJP, I was at the beach. Close enough. :)Santhoshi, thanks!Indyana, thank you for the kind words, wish you'd start blogging again!

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