Last week,


I made a new friend. Don’t judge her. She’s nicer than she looks.


I decided to stop sulking and painted a t-shirt instead (channeling negative energy to creative endeavors and all that sort of thing). Bar the purple splotch where I spilled a little water, it came out better than I dared hoped it to.



We blew bubbles with my little cousins and watched them run around the garden chasing them.


We gorged on Avurudu treats. Pani walalu anyone?



I went on an unexpected trip. (I have weird feet. Don’t look.)


(I told you not to look!)
We lazed around,


Ate too much,


Got reacquainted with the sea,


Made another friend  with a penchant for watermelon. (The little guy has the audacity to put his tiny paw on your hand while he eats, as though he’s afraid that you would retract it before he’s had his fill.)


Looked up and saw pink skies
We also watched the latest episode of Glee. The sibling and I gazed at the computer waiting for it to download. We like to think that the last 4% downloaded so fast because the sheer power of our minds. We munched on kokis and I was pleasantly reminded about why I fell in love with The Doors in the first place.
We helped my grandmother forage through a lot of clutter which was taking up way too much room in her house and I discovered my old origami book!


Please note with what aptitude and precision little gutterflower coloured her colouring books. Although, they didn’t realize it back then, the inability to keep the colours between the lines displayed the makings of a genius. Sadly, it is too late now.


My origami swans were as graceful as an origami swan could possibly be.
Discovered old postcards by faceless uncles (some who migrated, some who died before I was born, some who I’ve never met) and aunts.

(Note the dates. One is almost as old as RD. Almost)
I also took a lot of pictures.
But you’d never have guessed that, would you?
How was your week?

17 thoughts on “Last week,

  1. >This is one of my favourite posts of yours and that's saying something because I like everything you write!Beautiful pictures and a great way to sum up your week!


  2. >What a post! Loved all the pix espy the one that shows the lil GF's colouring! 🙂 But one was just cruel, real cruel….the plate of food! Grrrr….!!!!Btw that was my tummyIndy


  3. >LA LA LA HAVE NOT WATCHED LATEST EPISODE YET PLEASE NO SPOILERS LA LA LA!!!Ahem :DLove the post 🙂 And ditto to what Indy said about the food! All I have to look forward to is some crappy parippu I made for myself 😐


  4. >Lovely lovely post. It's so nice to dig up old stuff, photos and things and come up on great treasures like your oh so graceful swan! I think your feet looks cute 😉


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