Rain, Rain, Go Away

Dear Lecturer-Man,

It’s raining.
But you probably know that already.
I’ve just spent a blissful half hour, with my face pressed against the window grills, watching the rain. Now, slightly damp and a little drowsy, I’m faced with a small dilemma.
I have a pile of notes, library books and an unfinished assignment, nay TWO assignments (which I am yet to start on) on my left side. And on my right, is a very inviting bed, a packet of Hershey’s Kisses and a book.
Assignments full of corporate jargon and puzzling graphs is the furthest thing on my mind right now, and I know that even if I try starting on it, it would just be a lackluster, half-hearted attempt. This rain has also robbed me of my grammar and ability to string a coherent sentence together and has given me a strange love for all things italic.
So, therefore, I think it makes a lot more sense if I didn’t try and started on it properly when it isn’t raining, don’t you think so too?
That’s what I thought. I’m glad we see eye to eye, Sir. I do.
My bed is beckoning to me now, and Chopin’s ‘raindrops prelude’ has just started playing on my music player (I didn’t even know I had that in my music library). If that’s not a sign for me to yield to the temptation of a rainy afternoon, I don’t know what is.
I’ll see you at class today. Please don’t ask me for my coursework.
Yours in procrastination,
Ps: Seeeee, even my cat thinks I should stop attempting to work and devote my time and attention to more weather-appropriate activities (i.e hugging him). Note with what manly resolve his paw is strategically placed over the keyboard. His miaow is my command. I’m sure you understand.  Goodbye.

7 thoughts on “Rain, Rain, Go Away

  1. >Me-shak, thanks. I'm trying!Gehan, you're supposed to pat me on the back, wave a pair of pom-poms and tell me that I WILL finish my work. 😛 Dee and GG :DSabby, Oh my indeed!


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