Notes from Delhi: Mr. Moustache


I saw this fantastic Moustache at Connaught Place a while back. I passed him by but hesitantly went back to take his picture.

Graceful as always, I’d taken a tumble just a few minutes before. When you’re splayed on the pavement with bleeding knees, ripped jeans and your legs in the air, there’s really no room for self respect. I felt a little awkward asking for permission to snap a picture but I figured I’d just go for it and was pleasantly surprised when he agreed.




7 thoughts on “Notes from Delhi: Mr. Moustache

  1. Skinned knees AND legs up in the air? That must have been some tumble. Hope you’re all healed and walking.

    Yes, that moustache is… magnificent. Who’d have thought facial hair has so much potential.


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