Notes from Delhi: Holi and other things..


I’ve successfully discovered how to avoid being hit by the water balloon toting little monkeys that hang around rooftops and balconies waiting for unsuspecting targets. Holi is this weekend and I’m informed that this gives everyone the right to chuck water balloons TWO weeks prior to the actual festival.

The key is to observe the road instead of keeping a wary eye skywards when walking (if you’re on a rickshaw, well there’s really not much you can do). If there are splatter marks on the road, it means there’s a perpetrator nearby. In which case you have two options – keep your head down and run for it OR openly acknowledge their presence by smiling at them and pray that you can win ‘em over. The latter saved me from being drenched twice on my way back today, BUT be mindful that it all depends on the nature of the thrower. If it’s a good natured kid, you can get away with a smile but more often than not, if it’s a brat pack or a bunch of men reliving their childhood, I’d advise you to run.

I got my first taste last week when P and I were heading home in a rickshaw. I was actually alright being drenched until P informed me that the less evolved men of Delhi have been known to fill water balloons with…other substances. This was of course my cue to race back home, jump into the shower and immerse my clothes in Dettol just to be safe (we didn’t get a glimpse of the thrower. And believe me, the men here are capable of anything).

So I’m a little apprehensive about my first Holi here. My last Holi was back at home, at a hotel amidst Indian expats and tourists so it was a bit like walking into the Hilton and ordering a kottu. I’ve heard so much about the festival, both good (if celebrated with the right crowd) and bad (three words: Bhaang, eggs and vegetables. Do the math), that I’m incredibly curious. Let’s see how it pans out.


It had been ages since I actually sat down to watch a movie. I tend to lose concentration after the 22 or 42 minute mark (American TV shows and Twitter, you will be the death of the little concentration I possess) so I’ve temporarily abandoned my TV shows in favour of movies. Started with ‘Easy A’ and ‘Ramona and Beezus’ (You know, to ease myself into the heavy stuff later on)

Also, is it wrong that I really liked both of them? Joey King was adorable and has the most interesting face and I’m looking forward to seeing more of Emma Stone.



This was made by my Indian peeps. 🙂





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