Notes from Delhi: I think…

..I was too emotionally invested in this times World Cup. Sunday saw me physically drained and rather blue. Also, everyone here went completely crazy. I shudder to think what would’ve happened if we had won instead.  But good game, India.  There’s no denying that you were the better team.

Not going to write anything about it, but this picture pretty much sums up things for me.

The Big Picture has more pictures in case you’re interested. So does the Delhi Walla

Also, this note has been doing the round on Facebook. Thoughts?


Update: More link love. A response to the note on Facebook.

3 thoughts on “Notes from Delhi: I think…

  1. I think both notes have valid points, but I tend to agree more with the ‘response’ note. I think Sanjaya’s note overanalyzes the whole thing and tries to draw parallels and connections that none of us would either make or really care about. If we had won, would we really care about the state sponsored events? We would think the boys deserved it. I do think he makes very valid points wrt to the Cricket board and ticket prices etc, but that didn’t happen only in SL. Tickets were going for exorbitant prices in India as well. Corruption exists, it needs to be fixed. But let’s not drag the sport into it.

    The response note is full of the kind of rhetoric that people use when trying to defend the patriotic babble related to cricket; how we all love Murali, how the flag unites us all, how we all go for sleepovers at each others houses and do each others hair. Blah. BUT, it does make the, I think, very valid point that if you go by the logic of the first note, then every single victory, every single achievement for us will be marred by the all-expense paid publicity campaign it provides for the govt. Does that mean we should twiddle our thumbs and not achieve anything ass a country til the Rajapakses are out of power? Please.

    This debate also reminds me of all the drama over the GLF; another one of those making a mountain out of a molehill situations.

  2. I lean towards Thisya’s response to Sanjaya’s note. Fact is, politics will always be corrupt. I don’t believe we will ever see a government that we can be that proud of; and waiting for that “mythical” government would mean waiting for all of eternity to win the World Cup!

    Like Thisya says, politicians, the media, advertisers and the public would exploit the victory and that would be the case if he won the match on Saturday or win it 50 years from now.

    To say ‘we shouldn’t have won the World Cup’ is wrong and unfair to our team. We should be proud our team made it to the finals. And India was certainly the stronger team, kudos to them for playing well.

    We’re second best and that’s something to be happy about.

    • “We’re second best and that’s something to be happy about.”


      You Sri Lankans can tell yourself that. *condescending smile*



      As for the article, same. Any government we elect is going to exploit the heck out of it.

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