Notes from Delhi: Baby, it’s cold outside

The weather is changing. There’s a chill in the air, the days are getting shorter and we’ve just convinced our landlord to install the geyser in our bathroom. Within a week, I’ll have to drag my winter wear out and pack away my Summer clothes for the next few months.

Winter is around the corner and it basically boils down to thermal wear, comfy sweat shirts, hot chocolate, living in converse, huddling under my quilt and spectacularly over sleeping through my morning classes. It also means frozen noses and fingers, borrowing M’s hair dryer to warm ourselves and being left to the mercy of hot water bottles.

The advent of winter also means that I’ll be dreaming of an island in the sun a little more often.

Of shores dotted with palm trees.

Frothy waves,

Sunset skies,

Lazing on the sand

And beach getaways.

I’m a little more prepared for Delhi’s brutal (I’m an island person. Anything less than 18 Celsius chills my bones) winters. I’ve also made up my mind that I will battle the winter blues with lots of prawn fry, movies, books (Hello flipkart. Goodbye money) and making use of the weather by doing more exploring around the city.

Plus, on the upside, the lack of humidity really does wonders to my hair.  Let’s see how it goes, shall we?


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