Rain, Rain, Go Away

Dear Lecturer-Man,

It’s raining.
But you probably know that already.
I’ve just spent a blissful half hour, with my face pressed against the window grills, watching the rain. Now, slightly damp and a little drowsy, I’m faced with a small dilemma.
I have a pile of notes, library books and an unfinished assignment, nay TWO assignments (which I am yet to start on) on my left side. And on my right, is a very inviting bed, a packet of Hershey’s Kisses and a book.
Assignments full of corporate jargon and puzzling graphs is the furthest thing on my mind right now, and I know that even if I try starting on it, it would just be a lackluster, half-hearted attempt. This rain has also robbed me of my grammar and ability to string a coherent sentence together and has given me a strange love for all things italic.
So, therefore, I think it makes a lot more sense if I didn’t try and started on it properly when it isn’t raining, don’t you think so too?
That’s what I thought. I’m glad we see eye to eye, Sir. I do.
My bed is beckoning to me now, and Chopin’s ‘raindrops prelude’ has just started playing on my music player (I didn’t even know I had that in my music library). If that’s not a sign for me to yield to the temptation of a rainy afternoon, I don’t know what is.
I’ll see you at class today. Please don’t ask me for my coursework.
Yours in procrastination,
Ps: Seeeee, even my cat thinks I should stop attempting to work and devote my time and attention to more weather-appropriate activities (i.e hugging him). Note with what manly resolve his paw is strategically placed over the keyboard. His miaow is my command. I’m sure you understand.  Goodbye.

Pets and Pooches

Went pyjama shopping a few weeks ago and when I went to the cashier to pay for my beautiful plaid pyjamas (I’ve been looking for plaid pyjamas everywhere), when I see this guy solemnly sitting in the cashier’s chair.



I move on to the next payment counter and then I see this fellow, looking as though all the troubles in the world have landed on his furry shoulders.



He looks at me.

And I promptly fall in love.


While, we’re on the subject of love, let me introduce you to the latest man in my life. He moved in next door a few months ago and is an absolute charmer.






He’s grown from a little furry ball to the most precociously cute rabbit you ever saw. He couldn’t eat carrots at first because he didn’t have any teeth. How cute is that?







Last picture – Look what I found in my art-basket the other day.




Isn’t that absolutely adorable? Obviously, I’d choose cats over rabbits any day. Rabbits can’t purr, you see.