30 day poetry challenge: Day 1

So WEBM tweaked the rules of the 30 day song challenge which has taken over twitter/facebook/blogosphere, into a poetry one, which I think is awesome. This is the sequence.

day 01 – the poem you last read
day 02 – your least favorite poem
day 03 – a poem that comforts you 
day 04 – a poem that disturbs you 
day 05 – a poem that reminds you of someone
day 06 – a poem that reminds you of somewhere
day 07 – a poem that reminds you of a certain event 
day 08 – a poem that you know by heart
day 09 – a poem that you want to read in bed to your lover 
day 10 – a poem that you wished your mother/father read to you 
day 11 – a poem from your favorite poet 
day 12 – a poem you don’t understand a word of 
day 13 – a poem that is a guilty pleasure 
day 14 – a poem that no one would expect you to love 
day 15 – a poem that describes you 
day 16 – a poem that you love seeing performed
day 17 – a poem that you would like to read out loud to the world
day 18 – a poem that you wish you  heard being read by its poet
day 19 – a poem from your favorite anthology/collection 
day 20 – a poem that you want to read when you’re angry 
day 21 – a poem for a happy day
day 22 – a poem that you want to read when you’re having a bad day
day 23 – a poem that you would like to read at your wedding
day 24 – a poem that you want to be read at your funeral
day 25 – a poem that makes you laugh
day 26 – a poem that you wish someone would put into music
day 27 – a poem that you wish you’d written
day 28 – a poem that makes you feel guilty
day 29 – a poem from your childhood 
day 30 – a poem you’d read to your children

 My knowledge of poetry is not as vast as my music. But here goes nothing.

Day 01 – the poem you last read

I love discovering new poets or interesting sites. I’ve been on a roll of late (procrastination, thou shalt be the death of my education) and veering away from the poetry I should actually be studying for my exams.

This is from my latest discovery. I’m going to refrain from commenting on it and leave it open to you. What do you think? 🙂

The Words by Grey Gowrie

I want the words to light on your shoulder

like a hand: touch but not take hold.

You understand they are no more than a gesture

between us and I have tuned my voice so low

no one else shall hear them: they are just for you.

Do not mistake them for intimacy however.

We are a long way off still – we have

a long way to go – the words may contain

an immoderate danger: words are so dangerous.

But if we are careful, if we do not make trouble

between us we shall learn to give them a name.


Twitter Killed the Blogging Star


We regret to inform you that your inability to write sentences of more than 140 characters has resulted in your suspension from our society. In the event of your termination you will be required to hand over the codebook and membership ID. You will also be stripped of all library privileges. We might also want our society t-shirt back – the management will get back to you about that.

In order to prevent said termination we earnestly urge you to do the following.

1. Expand your vocabulary. Your vocabulary, like, seems to have, like reduced, like totally. Y’know?

2. Tweet less. Instead of tweeting in Scottish, we suggest you spend more time writing. No, not in Scottish, in proper English.  The world is a better place without every single minuscule thought being immortalized on the internet.

3.   We noticed with great trepidation that you’ve adopted certain Indian phrases into your depleting vocabulary. We’ll be watching you. Closely.

4. That’s all, really. We’d ask you to stop procrastinating, but we know a lost cause when we see it.

Remember, use your words wisely.


Yours in eloquence,

The Society of Words




Hello World (V.2.0)


After months of contemplation (I was too attached to the old domain. Also, blogspots so homey. WordPress is so.. sterile) we (My blog and I) have moved.

If you’ve stuck around for the past 4 years, thank you. I’m sorry for the lack of posts over the few months – Life got in the way. Moving countries took up more time and energy than I thought it would.

So.. welcome. Here’s to new beginnings. It’s a little late for wishes, but I hope the New Year is a good one for all of you.