This week,
somewhere in Pakistan
a bomb exploded
leaving a trail of
melted toys and severed limbs
– ripping apart lives and
splintering souls,
painting the horizon
a violent red.

While I cursed
a too-slow computer
people mutely watched
three men on a beach
beat a boy.
They watched as his
thin arms
were raised in plea
and still watched as
the blue-grey waters
claimed him for their own
(they said
he was mentally unsound.
As if that changed
anything at all)

A train has derailed elsewhere.
Bodies trapped
in mangled metal,
the pungent smell of charred flesh
pervading the air
as a sari
blotted with blood
quivers in the breeze.

Over the sound
of a fan whirring,
Louis Armstrong croons
of rainbows and red roses,
and tells me that
we live in a wonderful world.

What do you do..

…when you’re blue?

Just wondering, that’s all. People deal with the blues in different ways. And every now and then, everyone gets it.

My mum, for instance, puts up inspirational quotes, excerpts from poems or leaves little messages (usually along the lines of – “there’s chocolate cake in the pantry!”) on my sister’s whiteboard to cheer her up when she’s down.

Old fashioned salt and sand therapy always helps, but since that’s not possible all the time. I usually devour an alarming amount of food, go around hugging a bottle of nutella and listen to more music than usual. I was told that I have a set playlist which I continually play on loop unconsciously. If I’m out I go on sporadic shopping binges and end up buying inane stuff. Ex: hot pink handbags, feather earrings, orange ankle socks etc.

Also, the cat is excellent company when one is blue. Maybe it’s that sixth sense animals possess, but he clambers onto my lap and tries to purr the blues away. Only occasionally waking up to sleepily lay a reassuring paw on my hand or nudge my chin with his head. Or to feed him.

All these are defense mechanisms and they merely help to cope with the blues, not beat the blues. I don’t know if you can fully beat the blues — there are always going to be low days amidst the great, no? Nothing’s linear.

So, to reiterate – what do you do when you’re blue?