Notes from Delhi: Winter Notebook


To you,

1) This is going to be a list letter. Brevity and organization are the key words for the day.

2) It seems as though I’ve spent a chunk of my life, waiting. Huddled in a threewheeler, watching rain form rivulets and drip slowly down the taurpalin; waiting on hold, a pop song filling in the space where conversation should be; in line at banks; waiting for visits to end.

3) Its only appropriate therefore that I should be typing this, hunched over my phone screen in a waiting room at 1 in the morning. After shifting uncomfortably for about 15 minutes, a comrade in waiting gave up trying to sleep, rubbed his eyes and asked me for something to read and so I handed over the only reading material I possessed. I’m not sure if Beckett is the ideal waiting companion for him though–Existentialism, insomnia and a bleak hospital waiting room sounds like a recipe for disaster. Or a script for a movie.

4) Cursory weather update from Delhi – winter is here like an unwelcome relative who shows no sign of leaving. She’s firmly deposited her bags and is clearly going to be staying for a while. It’s too cold to bust out my ear muffs but it’s cold enough to huddle under my blanket burrito at night, consume vast amounts of hot chocolate and dream of beaches.

5) On the plus side, lovely weather for wandering around during the day. All the exploring I had postponed during summer is begging to be done now (exams? What exams?) and I may or may not have unloaded a vat of pictures on twitter in a moment of unrestrained enthusiasm.  Been chaperoning a few people around as well. I do love showing my version of this convoluted city. It gives me an excellent opportunity to unleash the dormant tourist within and take multiple pictures of my momos without people around me face-palming.

6) The drop in temperature is co-related to a spike in my food consumption levels. Months of healthy eating and junk food abstinence have been undone in minutes.

7)  Goodbye (for now)




Notes from Delhi: The Swell Season

The weather a week back was fantastic – warm with just the hint of a chill in the air. I love flowers and our college lawns had just bloomed and were overflowing with ‘em so it was only natural that I spent most of my time sleeping studying in the lawns.The weather over here is either extremely hot or achingly cold so I did as much sightseeing as I could over the past month in order to make the most of this heavenly weather.  If any of you plan on coming to Delhi – come in February. When you do, bring some of my mum’s cake please.

It’s gotten ever so warm now. I hung onto my sweatshirts for as long as I could but I’m about to go pack up my winter clothes and dig up the summer wardrobe. If that doesn’t signal the end of the season, I don’t what does. Not really looking forward to summer very much. It was so hot when I first arrived here that the only thing keeping me running back home was the fact that my dad had my passport with him.

Anyhoo, this post is a eulogy to Spring. Spring, you were beautiful. I can’t wait for you to come back.


Since I’ve peppered this with flowers I’m going to go the whole hog (I’ve never understood that expression either. Always wanted to use it though) and post pictures of the two birthday bouquets. Just because.

*Title reference from here. Completely unrelated I know, but it was either that or ‘OMG, FLOWERS ARE SO PRETTY1!!